how to setup your Cisco phone on the PBX

once you have registered for an extension on the K7MSH PBX system, you will get an Email with your extension numbers, and a Secret code used to allow your phone to connect to the PBX system.  Here is a quick run through on how to set up a Cisco Phone for the Network.  The phone I am using is an Cisco SPA504G, but I believe most Cisco phones will be the same.


My setup May be a little different from yours, but this should give you a pretty good idea of what needs to be done.  I am using my nanostation as the DHCP server and have a 5 port switch connected to it.  also connected to the switch is the Cisco SPA504G, a Cisco ATA box for a second phone, and the Raspberry pi PBX system.  you will most likely just have a phone connected directly your node, or possibly to a switch also. Under basic settings, you will notice that I am hosting up to 5 IP addresses and have checked the DHCP Server box.  this will allow me to assign an IP address to my phone directly on the Mesh node.

The next thing you will need to do is go to the Port Forwarding, DHCP, and Services tab.  yours will look different than mine, but we are just focusing on the Phone system right now.  under the current DHCP leases section, you should see your phone listed with some sort of a name, an IP address, and a MAC address.  there is a button to the right side that should say add, click the add button.  If you don’t see this, go to the Network settings in the phone and make sure DHCP is on and not Static IP, this allows the nodes DHCP server to give the phone an IP address on the network.  This will move the phone into the DHCP address reservations section.  at this point you can name your phone whatever you like under the Hostname tab.  at this point your phone is connected to the Network and you are ready to setup the phone.

Now you can open up the web setup for the phone by typing its IP address into your browser.  The default username and password for most Cisco devices is admin/admin. you want to see user login at the top right corner, if it says admin login, click the link to change it to user login.  now you will click on the advanced tab.

click on EXT1 to set up extension number 1.

under General, make sure Line enable is set to YES.

under Proxy and Registration, set the proxy to (this is the IP of the PBX system)

under subscriber information set the display name to your callsign.

set user ID to your extension number that was sent in the email (My extension is KD7VEA, Dial 537832) this is what you will see on your display, I have mine set to KD7VEA.

Password needs to be the Secret Key that was sent in the email.

under Audio configuration, set preferred codec to G711u.

Click on Submit changes at the bottom of the page, your phone should reboot, and you should be ready to use your phone.


If you click on info and scroll down to the extension number you set up, if everything worked as it should, you should see Registration state: Registered.