Register for an extension on our PBX system

If you would like to register a Phone with our Mesh Network, Please fill out the form and submit it and we will get you set up on on our PBX system.  There are many options for phones to be used.  Many phones are compatible with our system.  some popular choices are standard home phones with an ATA box, Many of the Cisco IP phones are compatible, and there are several apps that you can load onto smart phones and tablets.  let me know how many extensions you would like set up and I will create them.

The standard protocol for how we set up the extensions is alphanumeric.  using your phones Keypad, you will dial the Callsign of the person you want to contact.  in my case, My callsign is KD7VEA, so my first extension will be KD7VEA, if I have another phone to add, the extension will be KD7VEA2, if I add another extension, it will be KD7VEA3, and that is exactly what you would dial to reach each of the phones.


Call Sign
Number of extensions to be created
Email address